Timeout issues and app dying

(Arne De Herdt) #1


I'm encountering some weird problems with our Kibana installation.
When the app is running, I sometimes receive Timeout errors from the Discover page saying the 30000ms timeout is exceeded. (they appear faster then 30 seconds, not sure what's even there)

After a while, Kibana just dies completely returning Timeout errors in Firefox.

We use daily indeces on our ES in the back-end, and they're not abnormal large.
I think our largest index is around 10GB?
And we have a daily cron-job running that deletes indeces older then 7 days from ES.

Is there anything I can do for more information, because this problem keeps happening on irregular basis and is really making the application useless at the moment.

(Tim Sullivan) #2

Hm, I'm not sure why an error message would show up before 30 seconds passes.

Is the index pattern loaded into Kibana using the optimized option for time-based events, as opposed to the deprecated option where event times create index names?

(Arne De Herdt) #3

I've checked the settings of the patterns, and they are set using the index contains time based events and the one with [DEPRECATED] is not checked.

(system) #4