I tried to install plugin elasticsearch-HQ-master in ES 5 on Windows 2012 but it doesn't work, I use this plugin in ES 2.x and it works. Do you know something similar to install in ES 5 to manage indices?

The project page says "Currently work is being done to make ElasticHQ compatible with ES 5.0.", so I wouldn't be suprised its not working yet.

As for alternatives, I'd be interested in what features these should support for you to be able to use it as a replacement?

using this plugin I was able to see indices, how big they are and how many docs are written, I was also able to delete logs that were, let say too old, how can I do this in new ES 5?

I don't know exactly how this compares, but Elasticsearch 5 comes with a free "basic" version of its own plugins, including a monitoring solution (formerly Marvel). Most of the features you mentioned should be available with the free license. You can have a sneak peak with a 30 days trial, then you need the free "basic" license.

I have installed x-pack, when I click monitoring > indices I see indices, I can click them to see statistics but how can I delete them? Although this ELK server is clean installation there are indices from 2015, 2016, do you have any idea?

Not sure if you can delete indices through "monitoring", also I cannot say where your old indices come from. You sure your kibana installation is pointing to the right cluster? I assume you have this installed locally, maybe there is an old version running somewhere?

everything is new, in ES 2.x I was able to delete indices, I clicked index > administration > delete.
So, my question is, how can I delete index?

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