ELasticsearch - ILM Policy

Hi There,

I have a scenario to implement in Elastic cluster. I have 12 node elastic cluster
2 - coordinating Nodes
4 - Hot Data Nodes
3 - Warm data Nodes
3 - Master Nodes

Im trying to implement ILM policy based on age. My Scenario:

  1. Data should come to Hot data nodes
  2. After a week it should move to Warm data nodes
  3. Afrer 3 weeks take index snapshot and move Azure storage blob

Kindly help me with your insights or any references or pointers much appreciated
thank you in advance

Hi there. :slight_smile:

Have a look into Kibana->Management. There's a section about ILM with preconfigured policies that are according to best practices.

One important thing is to know how you're writing your data into Elasticsearch. Your writing client is telling Elasticsearch which policy (by id/name) to use.

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