ElasticSearch in Kibana

Hi to everyone ! I'm just install elk suite on my laptop and I notice that in Management tap there isn't Elasticsearch tab. Can anyone helps me?17

You have to configure in kibana.yml the elasticsearch.url

Did you by any chance install the oss distribution instead of the default one?

I followed this guide, step by step:

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I am not sure which version is installed by Homebrew, but would recommend you instead follow the official guide to make sure you get the latest version of the default distribution.

Hi, I'm trying to install elk from official guide but I'm blocked at the step in which I run ./bin/elasticsearch. This command never ends and I can't connect to localhost:9200.

If you want to start Elasticsearch in the background, run ./bin/elasticsearch -d.

Ok, I ran ./bin/elasticsearch -d . but I can't to connect to localhost:9200. :confused:

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