Elasticsearch index pattern in Tableau

I am trying to create a visualization in Tableau with Elasticsearch as the data source.
I am able to connect Tableau and Elasticsearch successfully . But the problem is I can't select the index pattern in Tableau.

In Elasticsearch if we have multiple indices with the same pattern, like test-1, test-2 and test-3 we can create an index pattern as test-* and start creating visualization by selecting the index pattern.

But in Tableau, I have the option to select any one of the indices (either test-1 or test-2 or test3) to create a visualization.

Is there any way that I can include all the matching indices to create a visualization in Tableau?

Have you tried creating an alias?

Thank you @Christian_Dahlqvist , In Tableau, I could only see Index aliases but the data stream aliases are missing.

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