Elasticsearch is not starting

I'm trying to upgrade elasticsearch version from 1.7.1 to elasticsearch 2.0.0 so I followed the steps which is given in the documentation but after upgration I'm enable to start the elasticsearch

Can you provide some more information?
What does the log file say?

Can please tell me where to check logs

They are located in /var/log/elasticsearch

Check for any errors that indicate where the problem is.

Actually I have seen that logs but today's log is not there till yesterday we have logs

hi guy, Can you provide some more information?

ya thank you I trying to fix the issue but unable to fix

I hope you can provide some other error information or log .


I will send you the log

Please don't post pictures of text like that, not everyone can see pictures and they are usually harder to read than the raw text.

What OS are you on? Did you run the migration checker before you upgraded?