Elasticsearch Java thin client

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I am already since some days searching some thin java client.
The problem is, that I want to use elasticsearch in company, but I don't want to use whole elasticsearch.jar with all lucene-jars in each project in which it can be used. Therefore I need to have just small (thin) java REST client, that would not be a part of cluster, but can make requests and become response...

Now I have two possibilities:

  1. I will write the thin client myself. The response part I do have really fast created, but the search request part ist quite complex.
  2. There is some client.

We are already using Solr in some projects, but because of cluster advantage in elasticsearch we do want to migrate our projects from Solr in elasticsearch. Solr got java client (solrj)... Also it can be the blocker for elasticsearch, when we must create (and allways update) our elasticsearch client.

thanks for advice

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Shay: Is there some thin client?

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