Elasticsearch/Kibana - Discover not showing traffic - but logs show no errors Elasticsearch 7.17.10

We use nginx as the front end to move traffic from incoming port 9200 to 9400. This has been working more or less fine.

We needed to make a change so port 9200 could accept both http and https traffic. So I made the change in nginx's config - and looking at the logs this appears to be working. If I navigate with the browser to http:// or https://our site:9200 - I see that I have connected The logs for nginx, kibana, and elasticsearch all look fine - BUT when I click on Discover in Kibana - I no longer see logs hitting the index.

Please help me troubleshoot this. I'm not seeing any errors to track down in the log files - have any of y'all seen something like this? Any help is much appreciated.

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