ElasticSearch/Kibana query times

Hi, I'm using Kibana and ElasticSearch, doing a script to check the time that takes to make the query fetch the data for example to the discover page, and each time I refresh the page with in 1 year, the response times are changing in both browser and the script. But the indices are not changing.

There is a reason for that time changes?


How are they changing? Could it be related to caching kicking in?

Having the same number of indices response time of the query I've seen changes up to 3 seconds difference between each call when I press refresh for example.

If I understood you correctly your query time changes when you go from lets say 1 Week to 1 Year?
If thats your question this is completely normal because you will have to fetch more data. Lets say 1 Week contains 1000 Documents, than 1 Year contains 52x more documents. So it will need longer to get all these documents out of the index.

No, sorry I didn't explain well. For the same time range and the same number of indices everytime I got time changes between them, normally is not much some miliseconds but sometimes the time changes up to 3 or 4 seconds.

Maybe you could check if the cluster is doing something else at the time you send the query. Is it a problem that the data takes 3sec longer to load?

Actually is not, but I was wondering why it could be happening. The cluster is not doing anything special at the query time.

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