Elasticsearch/Kibana Unknown Deployment

Hi, I am using elasticsearch cloud and I've been provided a long URL of kibana i.e. -

I have configured the DNS routing in my GCP cloudDNS for the URL forexample -

But when I open the URL i.e xyz.com it gives me "Unknown Deployment" error. The kibana is working fine on the long URL mentioned above, but somehow it is not routing to the short URL ie- arp-es.xyz.com (Was working before but after upgrading to elasticsearch 7.0.0 it is not working)

So for that I want to configure Nginx proxy which will forward the traffic from the long URL to the short one. Please help me how to configure it to forward the traffic.

In nginx conf file (in your case arp-es.xyz.com.conf)

        listen          *:80;
        server_name     arp-es.xyz.com;
        location ~*  ^/dashboard/(.*){
                rewrite ^ https://5e765d3c21d84e8f8d6bd362d8bf6564.us-central1.gcp.cloud.es.io:9243 permanent;

then access it with https://arp-es.xyz.com/dashboard/


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