Elasticsearch service - Kibana link results in 404

A few hours ago, my kibana session expired or I got kicked out. Now when I click the link from the deployment page on clould.elastic.co, I end up with a raw 404.

A callback error? I have been having a bunch of problems with my deployments lately. Help please!

The xxxx.... in the url is in place of the actual id. Just an extra precaution if it wasn't apparent.

Please see https://www.elastic.co/cloud/elasticsearch-service/support on how to raise a support ticket for Elastic Cloud :slight_smile:

Thank you. I have submitted a ticket. A number of times. I am stuck, so I am scrambling.

Have you implemented any SSO / OIDC etc?

Have you tried from a completely different browser?

Have you cleared your cookies?

Are you logging in with the elastic user or via the automatic login via the console?

I tried a few of those, with no success. I was using the link from the deployments page, so I assume it was using the session credentials from the cloud.elastic.co auth.

I did email support and just got a reponse from them. They applied some change to Kibana and it is fixed now.

@stephenb Thanks for the response anyway!

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