Elasticsearch .msi version

I've just installed successfully elasticsearch 5.5.1 .msi version. When I click link "Open Elasticsearch in the browser" I get sth like this

When I click open nothing happens, what should I install to be able open the link and log into elasticsearch?

Looks like it's working!

What you're seeing is that Internet Explorer does not open/show JSON unfortunately like many other browsers do. Elasticsearch operates in JSON. You can change the Internet Explorer behavior if you like, but the fact that localhost:9200 returned a JSON file means things are probably working fine. You can also do Invoke-RestMethod from PowerShell

OK, I opened this with Chrome and it works, but the complete link that I mentioned looks like this:

there is username and password, so my question is, how can I login with these parameters and where?
I didn't install any other software, maybe I need sth to install?

I don't understand your question. If you installed X-Pack, there will be a default username/password installed (set to elastic and changeme respectively, as the installer says). Then if you open http://localhost:9200 in Chrome, Chrome should ask you for a username/password and you enter those in

Now I think I understood, username/password is needed to X-Pack, I haven't installed X-Pack, only elasticsearch.
So, I install again elasticsearch with X-Pack and use username/password to log in. Your answer enlighted me, thanks.

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