Unable to Access Elasticsearch using http://localhost:9200. Also on the last install page I dont see "open elastic search in the browser"


As you can see in my title, i am unable to access elasticsearch after finishing the install using http://localhost:9200. it says this site cant be reached and local host refued to connect. I have already installed java and set up the java environment variable. I have also reinstalled 5 times. after every install, I cannot the "open elastic search in the browser" option on the last install page. I have made sure the elastic service is running (does not run automatically, have to start in manually). I don't understand what has gone wrong. It is the MSI installer I'm using

I'm using this video below to try to set it up on my Windows Server 2016.

Please help

Can I get some help with this?

@glenacota can you assist?

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May be sharing the full elasticsearch logs would help.

There is nothing in the logs at all. I just don't know where i've gone wrong. I've been following the video in OP step by step.

I'd recommend following the installation guide: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/windows.html

Hi, I'm not sure why you asked me specifically, but I endorse @dadoonet's answers.
It'd be helpful if you share info like (i) what version you're trying to install, (ii) what deployment methodology you chose, (iii) more details about what you found in the logs.
(I'm not going to watch the video, sorry :slight_smile: )

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