Beginner: Basic Problem -> Localhost:9200 failed

I'm newbie here. I just installed the elasticsearch in windows, i use java too, and need to run the localhost:9200, but it was failed and it brought me to the bing or a normal google pages with the keywords "localhost:9200 is not found elastic search". Can someone help me with this basic thing? how to fix this simple problem?
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Can you do a screenshot? I'm not sure I understood.

I'm sorry that the description is not clear, but can you tell me how to run the localhost:9200 with the curl. I installed the curl and OpenSSL for windows, but i don't quite know how to use it for the elastic search ( i installed this too with the MSI installer). Can you help me? I'm quite beginner for this matter.

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First you have to download the elasticsearch from

  1. Open command prompt
  2. Navigate to the elasticsearch bin folder ex: D:\ELK\Elasticserach6.4\bin\
  3. Run the command ".\elasticsearch" or ".\elasticsearch.bat"
  4. Observe the output
  5. Open browser and type "localhost:9200"

Before that please check your JVM heap size in Environment Variables

Still you are facing the issue please share us the command promt output screen after running the ".\elasticsearch" command.

Environment variable screenshot.


thank you for your respond! I've tried to install it with the MSI Installer and it was successful, but everytime i try to run the the command "\elasticsearch" adn came out like this. I also send you the enviroment variable. Can you help me? :slight_smile:

@Prisilla_Ade_Haryant . It is clearly shows the command prompt don't have the permisstion to execute .
Please run the same in Powershell with administator permissions.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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