Elasticsearch NEST FunctionScoreQuery

I am using Elasticsearch NEST (7.17.4) with ElasticSearch 8.2.3 to build search request.
After added FunctionScoreQuery with Functions param i received exception "Can not write function score json for FunctionScoreFunction".

var funcScoreQry = new FunctionScoreQuery
                    Query = boolQry,
                    Functions = GetFunctionScoreFunctions()
                searchRequest.Query = funcScoreQry;
private IEnumerable<IScoreFunction> GetFunctionScoreFunctions()
            var result = new List<IScoreFunction>();

            result.Add(new FunctionScoreFunction {
                Filter = new MatchQuery
                    Field = "func",
                    Query = "1"
                Weight = 2

            return result;

The Query (boolQry) is fine. If i remove Functions and just add other params (boost etc.) it's working.

The exception is thrown when i pass value to Functions property.

I coundn't find much on the problem so hope somebody could share experience using Score Functions.


I changed FunctionScoreFunction to WeightFunction and it's working.

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