Elasticsearch NoShardAvailableActionException

Suppose a cluster is composed of three data nodes. If one of the nodes throws the exception "NoShardAvailableActionException", what is the impact on the cluster and how is the request handled? Specifically, is the request automatically routed to one of the other two nodes, and if so, how does this process work?

Is this a theoretical question or are you trying to resolve an issue?


It'd be useful if you could share more about the problem please.

That sort of error can come from a few things, so we're just guessing as to what might be causing it here.

I am running an Elasticsearch cluster inside a Kubernetes cluster (ks8). Occasionally, the Elasticsearch data node needs to be restarted, which results in some shards requiring initialization. I have observed that sometimes all shards of an index may have this status. I suspect that this is the reason why the NoShardAvailableActionException is occurring.

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