Elasticsearch not using template correctly?

Hi All,

I'am fairly new to the elastic stack so apologies if this is a very noob question.

I am using ELK within security solutions OS where I created a custom template to cater my needs on one of the CSV files I want to ingest in ELK.

The custom template is listed along with the other templates ( default templates at the ELK stack ). I've also specified in my config file in logstash to use the custom template. But when I would create the index in the Kibana UI ( the index name specified in the config file is seen in kibana ) . The fields displayed are a mix from the custom template and the default templates.

How could I fix this issue??

Plus I cannot see data from the CSV file as well. although Logstash is running completely fine and elasticsearch as well.

Any ideas on what is happening here?

Thanks in advance!

can you share the output of retrieving the template as well as the call of the index creation?


Hi spinscale,

Apologies I didn't respond immediately. I forgot I asked a question here in the Elastic group.

Though I have added the csv file now in my ELK instance , ( housed inside Security Onion).

Thanks for your response!

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