Elasticsearch odbc

Hi, trying to configure elasticsearch odbc dsn I get this error

Hi @youu2020, referring to the Elastic's official docs regarding the configuration , I believe you have checked the option: Enabled. Certificate identity chain validated.
Here in, when you're uploading your certificate file, could you please check if you are also uploading the Root CA cert also ? Maybe the absence of that root cert is causing the invalid token.

thank you @KrishnaShah7 for the answer.
but I'm a beginner and I don't know what is the certificate file that I have to download it.

@youu2020 : Certificate file validation is something you can do in order to secure your communcations. But if you want to simply test the connection, you can opt out intially, by selecting the first radio button in that security panel:

Disabled. All communications unencrypted.
Test it then, and let us know?

Because if you select the option "Enabled. Certificate identity chain validated." , I am afraid you might have to provide the certificate file for your unix/windows system.

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