Elasticsearch proxy that can proxy searches to mask ES version?

Hi, all!

We have used PMM 1.x for quite some time (Percona Monitoring & Management) to monitor our various mysql servers. Under the hood it's grafana and victoriametrics. It can use ES clusters as a data source and we used it to count documents in a couple of different ES clusters. One cluster is 7.17.x but the other is a much older 6.7.1 cluster that is slowly being phased out, but nearly all of the logs from our legacy systems still go to that cluster.

We created a new server with PMM version 2.30.0 (Percona Monitoring & Management) to monitor our various mysql servers, imported all our dashboards and alerts, installed the pmm2-client on all our mysql servers, and all was working well.

We upgraded PMM to version 2.31.0 and while we knew it included an upgrade of grafana from 8.x to 9.x, we didn't intuit that this grafana upgrade also removed support for all EOL'd ES versions before 7.10.x.

Is there some kind of bridge/proxy/converter I can put between the PMM server and the old ES cluster that will speak 7.10+ to PMM and proxy to an older 6.x cluster? I don't need to insert any data nor modify any resources in the ES cluster, just perform searches against a specific index. Is such a thing doable?

I know I can't join an ES 7.x node to the 6.x cluster, I'm not asking for that. Rather I think I am asking if I can set up an ES 7.x node as a proxy (client?) to the 6.x cluster that masks that the data is coming from a 6.x cluster. I feel that this is probably a strongly undesired use of ES by anybody in Elastic support, but this is just a short term thing for us.

I have not found a way to reinstall/reconfigure grafana 9.x to support the older ES versions short of rolling back to an older grafana version, which will introduce lots of other problems.

Am I stuck here?

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