Elasticsearch query_string doesnt work with * wildcharacter in the starting


I am using query_string to fetch the results for ends with text in a specific field that holds a url.
So, the query can either be ends with or starts with. The starts with scenario works well with match_phrase_prefix.
For ends with scenario, am using query_string as given below:

{"from":0,"size":100,"sort":[],"query": {"bool": {"filter": [{"query_string":{"query":"*http\\://www.xyz.org//example//","default_field": "url"}}],"must_not":[]}}}

For example the data I have for url field is http://www.xyz.org/example/3456

The above query should not fetch any results but it always fetches all records..

Tried using analyze_wildcard : true but it doesnt work.

Am i missing anything?

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