Elasticsearch remote server access

Can I access ES data from specific remote servers (more than one server) without putting it to public access ?

It depends what do you mean by "remote server".

If it's servers running in the same (private) network as Elasticsearch, so just bind the http connection to that specific network interface and don't bind to a public network interface.

If it's servers running from a network that needs to access public internet to reach the Elasticsearch server, then the only way is protecting using a firewall (or use x-pack security ip filtering, but this is a comercial solution)

I am planning something like this. where i have two separate dedicated server

So I need by ES should be only accessible form application server. And I really don't want to go for x-pack as its commercial.

So if the application server is outside Elasticsearch's private network then you will need a firewall in front of it to allow access only from the application server ip.

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