Elasticsearch Search Query Load Testing using Jmeter

Hello i have been trying to test the load of my clustor of 1 node using JMeter.

i have data of millions records, i have created csv which contians the 6000 ids.

i have following configs:
Thread Group:

Thread Group Setting:

CSV data config:

Constant Throughput Timer:

Summary Report :

Request Rate:

i totaly don't understand how thisjmtere is working at all acording to the jmeter documentation and elasticsearch it should only generate the 36000 samples not more then that in one

i have given (Active users) 6000/10s = 600/sec.
so and timer is 2 minut.

so it should generate total number of sample 72000 instead j meter is generating the 496939 samples and according to the jmeter the throughput rate for this is 2356.1102813929783 maximum .

so can you guys tell me how to test for tow thread group at once so i can search two different index at sametime, and i want the result is 6000/10 of each group requests handling not more then that.

so in total 12000 requests per 10 sec should show on the elastic monitoring