Elasticsearch server stops due to java.io.IOException break

Dear All,

I am facing problems with elasticsearch.
I am unable to get the results, i checked in log files i got the following

2014-10-30 08:52:46,971][DEBUG][action.search.type ] [Lianda] [135]
Failed to execute fetch phase
[Error: Runtime.getRuntime().exec("cd").getInputStream(): Cannot run
program "cd": java.io.IOException: error=2, No such file or directory]
[Near : {... w InputStreamReader(Runtime.getRuntime().exec("cd" ....}]

Below are the version i am using,
elasticsearch version: 0.90.5
java version: 1.6.0_33 64 bit
plugin installed: phonetic

The strange thing is that, whenever i am getting this error, i restart the
elasticsearch server and its works.
So i think something is getting overloaded.

Any help is very much appreciated.


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