Elasticsearch snapshot/restore


I want to take backup of existing data before upgrading elasticsearch, place it back after upgrade. What is the best way to do that? I read about snapshot & restore. Is this right one for a production environment with big data?


First, you should use snapshots all the time if you can, as it's a great backup & safety mechanism, and is incremental such that daily snaps are fairly fast.

Second, while a snap before an upgrade is a good idea, if you are just upgrading one version, like V6 to V7, you can usually upgrade in place, using the same data (though good to go to the highest minor version first, like V6.8) - what versions are you going from and to?

Third, how big is the cluster and data?

Currently we are in 7.4.2.

We are having plan to move to 7.8

Can we do in place upgrade here? if so how it works? Taking snapshot and restore is not required for in place upgrade?

Hi @RAM_NATHAN - If you check our upgrade guide, you can do a rolling upgrade from version 7.4.2 to version 7.8.x. Make sure to read the Preparing to upgrade section.

Using restore and snapshot is always a good practise - especially in a production environment.


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