Elasticsearch upgrade Snapshot in cluster nodes

Hi Team,
I am trying to upgrade my 7.2 ES cluster to 7.7.1.
I have a few questions on the snapshot process.

I have a 6 node cluster - 3 Master and 3 Data Nodes.

1. How should i take snapshots?
Should i create a repo in all 6 nodes and do manual snapshots of the data sparartely?
Should i create a common filesystem and take a snapshot from Kibana Dev tools.

2. What are the exact steps that i need to follow in a cluster backup?
I did test upgrade steps for a single node, but on a cluster, im unsure.

Here's what i did in a single node:

  • create a repo directory
  • add path.repo in ES
  • restart es and take snapshot as per doc.
  • Flush and stop Es service
  • install 7.7.1 using rpm, upgrade
  • enable service back.

Please do help me understand the process.



The snapshot repo needs to be available to all nodes, and the snapshot itself happens at the cluster level, not the node level.

https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/7.9/setup-upgrade.html is the upgrade process to follow.

Thank you for your response.

So if I create a common file system (NFS) accessible to all ,
then take snapshot via Kibana Dev tools, the cluster level snapshot will be taken.

Is my understanding right?


Yes, that will work.

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Thank you very much!! @warkolm

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