Elasticsearch : Snapshots not executed automatically (cron schedule issue)

Hi !

I've changed the schedule of my managed snapshot policy. By default, the cron is each 30 minutes, and I wanted just one per day. Since... the snapshots are not executed automatically...

I've putted back the previous configuration but it doesn't fixed the problem :confused:

There's no recent failure (last failure is Feb 03, 2022 10:30 AM).
BUT ! I'm able to manually take a snapshot. It's only the cron that is not working.

My deployment is at version 7.17.1, this is the json config returned by GET https://ES.HOST/_slm/policy/ :

    "cloud-snapshot-policy": {
        "version": 10,
        "modified_date_millis": 1648205967792,
        "policy": {
            "name": "<cloud-snapshot-{now/d}>",
            "schedule": "0 */30 * * * ?",
            "repository": "found-snapshots",
            "config": {
                "partial": true
            "retention": {
                "expire_after": "259200s",
                "min_count": 10,
                "max_count": 100
        "last_success": {
            "snapshot_name": "cloud-snapshot-2022.03.28-7bsk_rtkt7klcmre3yghtq",
            "start_time": 1648449376402,
            "time": 1648451047195
        "last_failure": {
            "snapshot_name": "cloud-snapshot-2022.02.03-yyl4pcwfqvynla9v7noqgg",
            "time": 1643880630250
        "next_execution_millis": 1648458000000,
        "stats": {
            "policy": "cloud-snapshot-policy",
            "snapshots_taken": 23346,
            "snapshots_failed": 230,
            "snapshots_deleted": 23214,
            "snapshot_deletion_failures": 119

My deployment is managed on Elastic Cloud, using Azure.

I've taken a snapshot manually 2 hours ago and, as you can see, a snapshot should have been executed 3 minutes ago but doesn't appear in my found-snapshots reposity (even in the logs, there's nothing...)

So it's "just" the cron schedule that needs to be fixed... Any suggestion ?

Thanks !

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