Elasticsearch syntax for e-commerce type project

Hello! First of all, I'm a beginner Elasticsearch. Now we are creating a web system that requires a search feature (yah, first time, earlier we created static content systems :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: ), so we choose to use Elasticsearch (ES now are installed on Linux Ubuntu server). On the deep web are a lot of content and tutorials about how to build a simple data model search (by page name, description, ...) but now we don't find any information about e-commerce type project syntax and etc. For example, first of all, we want to insert and later fetch (by the query that user sends) search data but not only name and description but and variations (for example 3 sizes of T-Shirts or 4 colors of shoes) that also would be searchable. Also, it would be perfect if product variations would have less impact on to score than the item or page name.

Thank you for any information - links, videos, advice and other useful information! :blush:

Hi @Ugnius_V welcome to the community.

You should look at Elastic App Search much of what you are describing is already built for you.

It's excellent for e-commerce sites/ search. On the page I referenced above there is a lot of good content.

Here is good getting started video.

Thanks a lot. Now we installed the "Elastic App Search" module/ package into the server successfully. Now that left to do are read documentations, make integrations and build the system. Thanks one more time!

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