Elasticsearch: Transaction Storage for Mobile Ads

I am working on an M.V.P. for a Mobile Ads end-to-end system, where ad interaction events, e.g., display, play, pause, close, etc., are to be sent to a database for storage. Moreover, I am considering to build a dashboard (separate web application) to provide detailed analytics to both developers as well as advertisers. For that matter, I have implemented a RESTful Backend to interact with a File Server, where the ad contents are stored, and a database that stores mobile ads events. I am interested in Elasticsearch for both storage and analytics retrieval for many reasons, such as being schemaless, eliminating the need of having a separate (NoSQL) database, etc. I am asking Elasticsearch experts for some insights on whether this architecture makes sense for an M.V.P. or there are something I might be missing due to my lack of knowledge on Elastic Stack in general. Appreciate it!


Yes it makes sense :slight_smile:

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