Elasticsearch Transformed index and its dashboard

I am building a Kibana dashboard using an transformed index. What I have observed is

  1. for every field change in ES transform, I need to create a new dashboard as object is deleted when deleting the ES transform.
    Could anyone brief about the ideal procedure of updating the dashboard when there is a new transformed index created?


Transform can run in continuous mode, so it updates the data of the dashboard when new data arrives. What's the reason to re-create the transform regularly?

The transform is under development where the requirement changes...

I guess the problem is the data view that gets deleted when you delete the transform. A workaround could be to use the ES API's directly instead of the UI.

I wonder what requirements change so dramatically that you have to re-create the transform many times. Are you using scripted_metric and have to change the implementation? For scripts you could switch to stored scripts. With stored scripts you can change the script without re-creating the transform.

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