Would Kibana preserve dashboards after deleting/recreating same index?

Question about Kibana and ElasticSearch:

I have index with data, and I created some Kibana Dashboards and Visualization for my index. Everyday, I need to delete all existed data from my index and populate my ES index with new data that has exactly same schema (usually 5-10 MB of data per day).
I am going to delete all the data and populate new data programmatically from my Java App. My question is after addin/deleting all data to my ES index, would Kibana preserve all visualizations so that I would not need to recreate them every days? I think, that it preserve, if I not deleting the index itself, only data. Is that right?

But what if I need to delete and create again whole index with same name/mapping but different data every day?Would Kibana preserve all my visualizations or I need to change and update Kibana Settings manually every day?

Have you tried making a time-based index pattern like indexname-2018-03-26 and then configuring Kibana to use indexname-* as the pattern? Then you can automatically delete any old indices.

Thanks for answering. But how can I automatically delete old indexes?

I'm guessing you'd have to do that with your code. I could be wrong though.

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