Delete and re-create an index pattern

Hi everyone,

I have an issue with my dashboards. They are built on an index pattern, I wanted to know if I can delete the index safely and re-create another one with the same name ? Will I keep my dashboards safe, or will they be destroyed ?

Has anyone faced that issue before ?
Thank you in advance

Why do you want to delete the index pattern? If the underlying mapping of your data indices changed, you can simply "refresh" the pattern using the button in the top right on the index pattern page:

The ID of my index pattern has changed (I don't know how but it has changed) so the dashboards can't find the index pattern anymore, maybe you know how to edit this id so I can put the old one back ?

In this case you can note the id of the old index pattern the visualizations reference (the one they are complaining about when you want to view them) and after deleting the existing one with the new id recreate it specifying the old id in "Advanced options" in step two of the creation process:

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Thank you that is actually working perfectly.

Another issue now, is this the same way for the Rollups ?

For rolled up indices you need to create a special rollup index pattern - it's described here:

Yes actually, for re-create them, does it works like for the basic index pattern ?

Yes, but you have to make sure all your visualizations use aggregations allowed by your rollup config

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