How can I restore an index pattern and dashboards?

Hi all,

I made a mistake and deleted an index pattern that broke 3 dashboards I have. I don't know exactly how to reconstruct the visualizations inside the dashboard, as it was not named correctly, and when I click in the gear button in the right upper corner, it doesn't let me see which fields were used, neither the name of the visualization.
Is there a way to restore only index pattern and dashboard objects? I can't restore the indices because I would lose the newest events that got sent to Elasticsearch.

Thanks for any help

Assuming that you don't have a backup, you can recreate index patterns based on the index mappings- what you will need to do is:

  1. Find the index pattern IDs that you need, by looking at the visualizations that are broken in the dashboard export. They will reference specific index patterns.

  2. When creating your new index pattern, there is an option to set a custom ID for the index pattern. For each one you can provide the known ID.


Amazing @wylie, worked flawlessly. Thank you so much

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