Loosing Visualizations after refreshing kibana Index Pattern to add new fields!

Hi, this seems to be a huge problem for me. I made some visualizations and dashboards using an index pattern. I refreshed the same index pattern because I created a new geo-point data type field. Hence had to refresh to add to the existing index pattern. By refreshing the index pattern I'm losing my old dashboards. Which leads to creating the visualizations again :unamused::sob:

Any workaround? Kindly help, thanks.

When you create the index pattern you can specify the unique ID of that index pattern. If you keep it consistent (by default it's set to random when you create an index pattern) when recreating the index pattern, there should be no problem with your visualizations and dashboards.

Hi @Marius_Dragomir, how and where do I do this?

Kindly help

In step 2 of the index pattern creation there is an "Advanced" toggle. That is where you can find the field to change the UUID.

@Marius_Dragomir so here do I have to specify the name of the unique column from my data?

No, the uuid is an internal reference UUID in order to have unique names for index patterns. When you create an index pattern, it gets assigned an UUID. If you delete that index pattern and create it again it will have another UUID assigned, unless you specify it explicitly.

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Thank you @Marius_Dragomir

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