Elasticsearch warning in debug log

I'm getting below warning in elasticsearch log

[.kibana_task_manager_1] not opting out of the query cache; authorization is not allowed

I ran these queries

POST /.kibana_task_manager/_close

PUT /.kibana_task_manager/_settings
"settings": {
"index.queries.cache.enabled": false

These logs are stopped.

what is the impact of these queries ?? WIll it have performance issues?

I need to impact of the same for .kibana_1 index also

I saw similar issues in few topics. But I dont find any answers. Can someone please help??


can someone please reply??

The logs should be ok, but if you close the indices there will be problems in Kibana as they are essential in the functionality. If you want to track down the source of the error, you'll have to help us with more information. What version of Kibana are you using? What OS are you on? Any other logs that you feel might be relevant?

Im using 7.4.2 full ELK and SLES OS.

Can someone reply please??

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