ElasticSearch WARN after installing kibana

After installing kibana,when i operate(GET/POST/DELETE and so on) Elastic Search with High Level Rest Clinet comes up this warning:

Each request comes up with one warning,i have 500 millions documents to process every months,this problem would flush my logs and i can't locate the new problem.

i wonder what causes this problem and how to fix it.Thanks.

-Elastic Search/kibana: 7.10.1

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What URL does it mention?

If this is Kibana, then it won't be displayed every single time a new document is ingested.

Thanks for your reply

  • POST https://{hostname}:9200/_bulk?timeout=1m (would post this request like million times)
  • GET https://{hostname}:9200/_cat/indices?index=user_data-*
  • DELETE https://{hostname}:9200/user_data-20210325160624?master_timeout=30s&ignore_unavailable=false&expand_wildcards=open%2Cclosed&allow_no_indices=true&ignore_throttled=false&timeout=30s

Thanks again.

Does anybody have the same question and resolve?

I'm surprised that those queries generate a log which is not related.

High Level Rest Clinet

What is the exact Java code you run when this log is printed?

Thanks for your reply!
Here is the java code:

        Assert.notNull(indexName, "es bulk index with null index name!");
        Assert.notNull(userDatas, "es bulk index with null requests entity!");

        BulkRequest bulkRequest = new BulkRequest();
        for(UserData userData : userDatas){
            Assert.notNull(userData, "userData is null!");

            RedisUserLabelData labelData;
            try {
                labelData = RedisUserLabelData.buildFromMysqlUserData(userData);
            } catch (Exception e){
                log.error("RedisUserLabelData build from mysql entity UserData failed!", e);

            Map<String, Object> dataMap;
            try {
                dataMap = PropertyUtils.describe(labelData);

                /** 去掉class字段 **/
            } catch (Exception e){
                throw new RuntimeException("beanUtil, bean to map transform failed!", e);

            Assert.notNull(dataMap, "beanUtil, bean to map result null map");
            Assert.notEmpty(dataMap, "beanUtil, bean to map result empty map");

            IndexRequest indexRequest = new IndexRequest("posts").source(dataMap).index(indexName);


        if(bulkRequest.numberOfActions() != userDatas.size()){
            throw new RuntimeException("bulk request has requests number not equal to the parameter collection size!");

        if(bulkRequest.numberOfActions() > 0) {
            BulkResponse bulkResponse = null;
            try {
                bulkResponse = restHighLevelClient.bulk(bulkRequest, RequestOptions.DEFAULT);
            } catch (IOException e) {
                throw new RuntimeException("Error connect to Es", e);

                BulkItemResponse[] bulkItemResponseArr = bulkResponse.getItems();
                for(BulkItemResponse bulkItemResponse : bulkItemResponseArr){
                        log.error("error while indexing : " + bulkItemResponse.getFailureMessage(), bulkItemResponse.getFailure().getCause());

I find no way to highlight the exact code where the log is printed, so i quote here:

bulkResponse = restHighLevelClient.bulk(bulkRequest, RequestOptions.DEFAULT);

Everytime I send request(get/post/delete etc) to ElasticSearch,the log is printed.In order not to delay your time, i do not show the other code.
Thanks again!

IndexRequest indexRequest = new IndexRequest("posts").source(dataMap).index(indexName);

Why did you add .index(indexName)?
And what is the value of indexName?

how does it know which index I want to update if not add .index(indexName) ?
The indexName is
"UserData" + "-" + new SimpleDateFormat("yyyyMMddHHmmss").format(Calendar.getInstance().getTime()
After the update finishing, the index would be alias as "UserData"

But you set the index name with:

new IndexRequest("posts")

So I'd write instead:

IndexRequest indexRequest = new IndexRequest(indexName).source(dataMap);

And BTW, I think you are missing the JSON content type.

I think it should be:

IndexRequest indexRequest = new IndexRequest(indexName).source(dataMap, XContentType.JSON));

(But unsure as I never use maps to send data to Elasticsearch).

I can't see the correlation with the log message...

this request accesses system indices: [.kibana_1, .kibana_task_manager_1]

I'm wondering if we are really looking at the exact code which is generating this log.
I'd have expect a _search request TBH.

Are you sure you are not running a Search after the bulk or at the same time?

Yes, you're right.Thanks for your correction.

I'm convinced that there no Search running at the same tiem.

Search also would print the log as follow:
2021-04-02 15:59:10 [20210402155858991] [http-nio-8233-exec-1] WARN org.elasticsearch.client.RestClient - request [PUT https://hostname:9200/sync_ads_order_persist-in/_doc/37944?timeout=1m] returned 1 warnings: [299 Elasticsearch-7.10.1-1c34507e66d7db1211f66f3513706fdf548736aa "this request accesses system indices: [.kibana_1, .kibana_task_manager_1], but in a future major version, direct access to system indices will be prevented by default"]

BTW, I am wondering if Search Guard leads to this problem, because I installed Search Guard and Kibana at the same time.

Thank for your help and your patience.

Ha! That's probably it.

We don't support this 3rd party plugin here. We have security available in our default free distribution.

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