Elasticsearch Windows Manager GUI


I am looking more details about the Manager GUI feature, which can be triggered through

elasticsearch-service.bat manager

For example,

  • From "Java" tab, where all the details related to Java options are being fetched?
  • From the same tab, If we change the option in "Java options", will that be considered?
  • If I change the memory pools number, where those details are being stored on my local machine?

Let me know If I am not clear enough. Any help would be appreciated.

FYYI 5.X has been EOL for quite some time now. You're also running an alpha, which is really not a great idea.

Please upgrade to the latest 7.10.1 release :slight_smile:

Thank you for the response.
I just took the screen shot from the elasticsearch site, otherwise I am using 7.7.1.

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