ElasticSerach java client or ElasticSerach java plugin for enrich all document at index time?

hi all,

iam trying to create a new custom node or plugin that listen to all stream
of data in ES cluster and then if a particular document satisfy my
condition add a specific field or something similar. How is the best
approach? there are some sort of examples?

i try to explain better what is my goal:

  1. i would like to have a document parser job inside the ES input data
  2. i would like to chose if that document has a particular sintax then if
    yes add custom field or better invoke an other class that store some
    information over the time.
  3. doing this in async way, i mean dont stop the indexing process but only
    read and parse document while indexing.

have you some suggestions on where to start ?

iam at very initial point on decide if it is better to create a plugin or
this can be done with java Client API given from ES. ( i expect that there
will be an ovveride action like onParse(parse doc) that let me read all the
flow of data.. )

Thanks for all your time and attention, i will appreciate all type of help.


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