Elastiflow: The request for this panel failed

I'm trying to configure Elastiflow and followed these 2 tutorials/documentation:


But there are many errors when I access the Dashboard Panel.

What is the solution to this problem?



Maybe someone from Elastiflow can help you with this more as we don't really know what they do in their index patterns. One tip would be to make sure the version of their index pattern saved object that they make you import is compatible with the version of Kibana you're using.

My guess is that you don't yet have any data in the system, i.e. no indices yet. If monitoring is enabled, make sure that you can see at least one elastiflow index.

It could also be that the index_template was not installed when logstash was started so your field types are wrong. This would be due to Logstash being improperly configured.

Hello Marius, thanks for the answer.
That seems it's working now!

Hello Robert,

It seems working fine now, thanks for the advices and congratulations for the work!

Hello drzbass

im having the same issue, please let me know how you got this working


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