Elastiflow problem with kibana

i am new to ELK and i am managing to obtain graphs about Cisco ASA netflow.
I followed this very effective guide:

My setup is as following:
elasticsearch + logstash v.7.6.2
kibana v.7.6.2-1
latest version of elastiflow downloaded from https://github.com/robcowart/elastiflow.git

The first problem i am facing is tht dashboards are looking for elastiflow-* indexes, but in my elastic i have netflow-*
As a workaround, using kaizen, i copied netflow-* to elastiflow-*, but then it came out the second problem: dashboard were empty.

Any hint/suggestion will be really appreciated.


I'm not sure about kaizen, never worked with it.

but when you update the links, make sure these index-patterns actually exist:

go to https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/current/tutorial-define-index.html

Do you see an idnex-pattern with the name elastiflow-*?

Thank you for your answer. I found the root cause: i made a mistake in midifying pipelines configuration file by adding netflow pipe instead of elastiflow one....

Problem is solved!

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