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I have decided to install the Elasticflow version 5.0.1 on my ubuntu server 20.04 LTS and integrate it with the current installed Elasticsearch 7.10.
I did it step by step based on below documentation. Bu when I generate the NetFlowV9 traffic to ELK my dashboard is clear and I receive the below information. I have turned on "visualize:enableLabs" option but the result is:

"No data to display for the selected metrics.
Cannot read property 'table' of undefined."

Link to documentation - https://docs.elastiflow.com/docs/install_linux

This doesn't really seem a deep elasticsearch question.
Please be aware that elastiflow is not from elastic, so if there are any product dependent questions, please reach out to the author here:

That said by looking to the Kibana documentation site:

It shows that the default index seems to be index elastiflow-flow-ecs-* in elasticsearch.
So you could use the cat indices API and check if there are indices in elasticsearch:
GET /_cat/indices/elastiflow-flow-ecs-*
and check with search if there are data in the particular index:
GET /elastiflow-flow-ecs-*/_search

For a deeper inspect, kibana discover might be better.

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