Elaticsearch API discrepancies between version 5 and 6

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We were using ELK stack version 5.* and we were using public elasticsearch API via kibana host. We have upgraded out ELK stack for 5 to 6.* and now that API is not anymore available.

ELK 5 - http://localhost:5601/elasticsearch --- working fine
ELK 6 - http://localhost:5601/elasticsearch --- Error code 404, message "not found"

Checked kibana.yml for both and it is same.

If anyone please can help me.


(Mark Walkom) #2

Given that's a Kibana URL, I have moved the topic.

(Debarghya Chakraborty) #3

To update this topic. I found my answer. Though /_search is not available anymore but multisearch is still available which resolved our issue.

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