Elk 7.5 How to show all indexes having storage_term as cold

How to show all indexes having storage_term as cold?
Why are there indexes with this cold parameter?



stora_term is not a setting from Elastic, it seems to be a custom allocation parameter that you are using.

You may list all nodes attributes with the following requests:

GET _cat/nodeattrs

This will show you what nodes have this attribute, then you can list all shards with:

GET _cat/shards?v

This will list the indices by node, you can then compare the two list to find which indices are on nodes with the attribute storage_term as cold, but to really now if the indice has this setting, you need to check each index individually.

What I mean is index.routing.allocation.require.storage_term

Yeah, storage_term is a custom attribute that was configured in your nodes.

You need to check the previous answers to check what nodes have this attribute and then check which indices are in those nodes.

I removed the cold attribute at the.node.level.
Will this prevent the creation of indexes in the future with cold?
How to enforce indexes to be created without cold?

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