ELK documentation in PDF or equivalent format for offline viewing?

Hi all,

Is ELK documentation available in PDF format for offline download and viewing ?

I have started learning ELK stack and joined this community as a new user. While going through the documentation, I found that there's no option to download the entire documentation in PDF or equivalent format for offline viewing. Such an option allows downloading the documentation locally and read it on desktop / laptop / tablet / mobile etc.

Please help and suggest.

Note : I raised this in "Elasticsearch" category as I couldn't find appropriate category like "documentation" for this. Please let me know if there's better category for this post and I will use it for next time and onward for similar posts.

Amit Saxena

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It's not, it's something we've discussed a few times but never really found an ideal solution for.

You can use wget to grab the pages though.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the reply.

I think with "wget", I can download individual pages only. I am not sure if "wget" will also help with linking one html page with another as it happens in the documentation website.

Even if there's a way to generate a single file ( either html or equivalent ), it will work for me as I only need to take printout of one file. In case of "wget", I have to take printouts of multiple files and then manage the sequence of multiple printouts myself.

Please confirm my understanding.

Amit Saxena

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