ELK Migartion to 8x


Current ELK stack version details:
Elasticsearch: 7.17.8
Kibana: 7.17.8
Logstash: 7.17.8

Could you please help me out with the steps for upgrading ELK stack into multi-tier architecture cluster when we upgrade to 8x?


How to convert our existing cluster into multi-tier architecture cluster? Is it enough to change the node role from data to data_hot or so on? How you will restructure the existing cluster.
For example

  1. We have 4 data nodes and 3 master nodes and one ml node? How we could break my existing cluster into multi-tier architecture?
  2. How much diskspace we should need on that data node. If data_node_1 is having only 10 % of filesystem, will it reindex will work on this node?

Just to make sure you are asking what to do to go from a "data" configuration setting to a "data_hot", "data_warm", "data_cold" configuration? If that is the case you should be able to just change "data" to "data_content" and then add the corresponding role you'll need (ex: "data_hot") for the given node. https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/modules-node.html#modules-node I'd recommend not configuring your ILM policies to use the data tiers until after you have successfully upgraded the cluster to 8.x though. You'll want to figure out what indices you want on what tier and how much capacity each host has. You might have to add resources to your cluster depending upon what you discover. Of course you'll need to go through all the required steps to upgrade a cluster Current upgrade documentation.

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