ELK stack basic license query for use


Currently we are using ELK stack oss version. We are not take any charges from our client like for number of users. We just take charges of our service only.

Now I want to know that, If I give basic version of ELK stack to my client for production, then is it require to pay anything with basic version.

If any charges applied then how it will calculate and how I take license charges from client.

Please explaining in brief.

Jay Kansagara.

Do you expose Elasticsearch or Kibana to your users?

If not, you can use the elastic license. If you are, you should contact elastic_license@elastic.co and describe what you are exactly doing. The team will be able to help.

Yes, we expose kibana to our client, for only that internal users use. So for that May I use basic version?

According to: Elastic License 2.0 | Elastic (Limitations):

You may not provide the software to third parties as a hosted or managed service, where the service provides users with access to any substantial set of the features or functionality of the software.

The FAQ (FAQ on Elastic License 2.0 (ELv2) | Elastic) says:

I provide Elasticsearch and Kibana as a service, where my customers have direct access to substantial portions of the Elasticsearch APIs and Kibana UI.
This use is not permitted under the ELv2. Please reach out to us to discuss your options.

If you have questions about your specific scenario, please reach out to us at elastic_license@elastic.co.

So I'd contact the email address to see how this could work for your business or if you need to partner with Elastic.

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