ELK stack config on docker

Hello Team here i need some help in order to setup my ELK stack on docker, we laredy have cloud elk setup but now we decided to move from cloud to on prim setup which is weird though :stuck_out_tongue:

as of now i have three containers running for elasticsearch kibana and logstash and i am able to access my kibana dashboard with latest version 8.6.1,

as i was going through official documentation its bit hard and confusing to setup and config each config file, can someone help me out here how after installation i can start logging or forwarding my logs to my stack and how can i assign memory or volume, here i am asking for basic flow to setup my elk... looking for some steps which i can follow and apply, thanks

How are you ingesting data into your cloud Elasticsearch now?

with serilog

we are using serilog

We can't assist with serilog sorry, you will need to ask the developers of that.

It is not clear what your issue is.

Are you having issues setting up the elastisearch cluster or sending logs?

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