ELK Stack into AKS


I am trying to deploy ELK Stack with basic license into my AKS cluster, but i am unable to secure connection between logstash and elasticsearch.
Is there any documentation for deploying ELK Stack into an AKS cluster and to actually work?

Thank you!

Hi @izbant,

Welcome to the community! Are you getting a particular error in your deployment.

There is this old blog here that covers using ELK and AKS that could help you and should still be roughly in line.

Hope that helps!

Hi Carly! Thx for your reply. I find a lot of examples with versions below 8.x.x but I can't find any examples with elasticsearch after version 8.x.x when security comes enabled by default.


Thanks for the feedback! Having a quick search I see what you mean regarding later examples.

Is there a particular issue or error you are finding as you muddle through trying to set it up?

I can't manage to establish secure connections between logstash and elasticsearch.
Beside this, when I have to upgrade the AKS cluster and the pods are restarted, kibana xpack security is reseted and the stack become unavailable...

Can you verify that you are using persistent volumes for all data and master eligible nodes?

Sorry for this late reply.

Yes, I use pv for all data and master eligible nodes....

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