Email a Visualization CSV extract in Kibana 5.5

(Noel) #1

Is there a way to email the CSV extract of a data table visualization in Kibana 5.5. I tried using the PDF report generation and creating a watcher job to email it, however fields and rows that do not fit into the frame get cut off.

Any alternatives, would be appreciated.

Noel Anson

(Brandon Kobel) #2

Hey @noelanson version 6.0 adds CSV exports to Saved Searches (not data tables) that can be used to e-mail the underlying data using Watcher. We have improved table support in the pipeline for Data Tables as well, but we don't have any definitive time-wise for these improvements.

(Noel) #3

Thanks Brandon! Any alternatives that can be used with v5.5?

(Brandon Kobel) #4

Hey @noelanson, unfortunately there aren't.

(system) #5

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