Email Connector in Elastic Cloud

Good morning,

I'm using the elastic cloud and I would like configure the email alerts when I detect errors using the APM.

I configured the watcher using my email in the whitelist and it works, the first question is: Is possible use the watcher like a connector?

I have a alert with two actions: index connector and email connector. The first works good but I don't receive the email, is possible get information about the possible error?

Thanks for the help.

Can you explain what you mean here, it's not clear from that comment what you are looking for.

When I configure the watcher I receive a email with the direction:

But in the watcher menu I only can configure alerts of query type, like "number of documents"

But when I configure the alert is necessary inform the from using a connector.

Thanks for the help

Now it works. The problem was the secure check in the connector.


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