Using pre-configured email connector instead of using configured email connector


I am working on watcher emails. Configured a connector in "Rules and Connectors"

I have validated the connector validation by test email. I am able to receive the email from the Test tab by clicking on the "Run" button. It worked fine if I try from there and the email received from the sender configured.

But when I tried same by configuring a Sample Watcher for testing this I am getting emails from ""

What need to modified so that I receive emails from configured sender email instead of pre-configured connector


Watcher does not use the Rules and Connectors.

There are 2 alerting frameworks in The Elastic Stack

Watcher : The Legacy Framework :

And the New Kibana Alerting Framework : Rules and Connectors

They are 2 completely separate things here is a short comparison

The Connectors you mention above are for the Kibana Alerting Framework and thus are not used by Watcher.

In Elastic Cloud watcher will only send via the built in Elastic Cloud mail service see here

Thanks for the reply Stephen.

My actual requirement is to send watcher emails with instead of ""

Could you please help in configuring it

Have you tried to simple set the from attribute in the email action..

"actions" : {
  "send_email" : { 
    "email" : { 
      "to" : "", 
      "from" : ""
      "subject" : "Watcher Notification", 
      "body" : "{{}} error logs found" 
Name Required Default Description
from no - The email address from which the email will be sent. The from field can contain Mustache templates as long as it resolves to a valid email address.

Caution ... your email spam detector may not like the from not being the same as the actual sent domain

Thanks, it worked. I haven't seen this attribute in any examples. Some how missed this from attributes list

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